Founded in London’s Piccadilly in 1707, everyone remembers their first encounter with us, as customers always come in search of extraordinary food, exceptional service and joy-giving things. Many would say our people are the magic of Fortnum’s, and we agree. 

We aim to create an inclusive working environment where everyone can belong and thrive, regardless of their background. We believe that positive action on all types of diversity and social mobility creates happier, more effective teams. At Fortnum's our differences are our talents, which should be nurtured and celebrated.  

Time is precious so while you are with us, we want to help you develop unique skills and abilities, to become accomplished in specialist areas, and gain from being part of a vibrant community where you will be developed and fulfilled. And taste our delicious food and drink of course…. 

Our people have been recognised and celebrated, winning recent industry awards in Retail, Technology, Global Hospitality & Tourism, Visual Merchandising & Display, Customer Service and Customer Experience. We acknowledge their brilliant work throughout the year - in January's BIG Thank You, our Quarterly Values Awards and Annual Exceptional People Awards. These moments of kindness underpin our culture.  

Making a positive contribution to local communities is also very important to us. You can volunteer with our charity partners throughout the year, and during our Joy of Giving Month. So what are you waiting for? Click on our Vacancies button. And if you want to hear more from our people follow Fortnum's LinkedIn for new stories and updates.


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Faces of Fortnum's

  • Lisa Camm
  • Saif Lambe
  • Sallie Smith
  • Alexsandra Fabriek
  • Justin Carmichael
  • Cree Joseph
  • Rhonda Floyd
  • Head of Digital Transformation

    Lisa Camm

    Lisa had a passion for acting in her youth, but decided to study Computer Information Systems at Bath, and keep drama as a hobby. Theatre's loss was our gain. Great to have Lisa on Team Fortnum's.

  • Junior HR Business Partner

    Saif Lambe

    ​Saif Lambe has worked at Fortnums for 4 years. ​"I love how diverse we are and the stories we share. I get great satisfaction in changing someone's life and offering them a job."

  • Head of Visual Presentation

    Sallie Smith

    ​"I get inspiration from everywhere." We are incredibly proud of the work that Sallie's team create, in-store and behind the scenes, to make Fortnum's come alive, which delights our customers all year round.

  • Customer Services Manager

    Alexsandra Fabriek

    ​​Alexsandra likes taking her Bengal cat ‘Blue’ out for a walk, loves coffee, new technology, cycling, running and going to the gym. But what she really loves most is helping people. "I love making customers feel valued.’

  • Chief Finance Officer

    Justin Carmichael

    ​"Back in my school days I was never academically strong, I didn't enjoy school..." However, Justin became Financial Controller for a business with 50 UK stores, before helping our business grow significantly.

  • Warehouse Office Manager

    Cree Joseph

    ​​"I joined to support on customer service phone lines, and worked for several months including the Christmas peak period. I seemed to work really well with goods received, which got me into my current role."

  • Head of Customer Success

    Rhonda Floyd

    ​“You’re never too old and it’s never too late." Rhonda joined our customer services team following a successful decade at McDonald’s restaurants, bringing energy, spirit and enthusiasm to everything she does.

The Magic of Fortnum’s

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We Make Joy

Purpose Fully Supported By Values

Take Pride

We are proud of our achievements and celebrate success. We inspire and energise others to be their best, and do their best. We are curious and invest time in developing our expertise. We are open, honest and act with integrity. We celebrate our people at every opportunity, recognising their amazing contribution.

The Right Thing

We act with positive intent and trust others. We put the needs of customers, partners and each other at the centre of all decisions. We respect the views of others and are role models in how we behave. We think about the impact we have on the world around us and act responsibly. We make the right decisions, not the easy ones.

Achieve Together

We build trusted working relationships to achieve extraordinary things. We value each other’s input and take time to share our knowledge. We are accountable for our actions; we plan, prepare and involve the right people at the right time. We constantly strive to improve and reduce complexity in how we work.